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Growmart is an IEFP Certified placement agency. We recruit internationally with a commitment to responsibility towards workers and companies.

Who we are

Growart is a professional placement and integration agency. Our commitment is mostly to workers and companies of different nationalities.

Present in Alentejo Coast since 2015, we create job opportunities by establishing the intermediation between national and international companies and national and international workers.
From the most traditional sectors of activity to the specialized market, namely Agriculture, livestock, metallurgy, civil construction, petrochemicals, etc. .

The entire recruitment and bureaucracy process is managed and staffed by our qualified and dedicated agents. we know what Portugal needs to normalize these situations, as well as the country of origin of our workers.

For us, qualified workforce, motivation and ambition are the keys to success, and for all these reasons we know that it is important to understand our customers, so that together we can meet the challenges of facing a new professional life.

Contact us and we will start the process right away.

International Recruitment

Growmart selecteert en werft werknemers voor bedrijven die arbeidskrachten nodig hebben. Met jarenlange ervaring in de tuinbouw weten wij als geen ander hoe belangrijk een gemotiveerd team in uw bedrijf is. Dit is een van de redenen waarom we ons voor de werving van arbeidskrachten vooral richten op Aziatische landen.

In deze landen vinden we gespecialiseerde werknemers die zeer gemotiveerd zijn om functies in uw bedrijf uit te voeren. Door de jaren heen hebben wij uitstekende contacten opgebouwd met de multinationals en ambassades van relevante landen die een goede en professionele afhandeling van de benodigde documenten en de afgifte van werk- en verblijfsvergunningen garanderen.

For the posting of workers, Growmart hires workers at Growmart lda, in Portugal and we handle the posting for your company in Europe through the guidelines – European legislation.

As a result, Growmart enters into a contract with your company, providing the appropriate personnel for this, and Growmart is responsible for all documentation.

Growmart provides all the necessary documents, such as A1 form, medical examination, insurance, risk assessment, etc. and guarantees the payment of all necessary charges to be paid in Portugal for the workers to be posted.

These contracts always have a certain period of time and can be renewed later.


What We Guarantee

Handling of all bureaucracy.


International recruitment suitable for your company


Handling of all legal documentation for your company and workers


Transfer of workers between companies


Bureaucratic treatment of all mandatory legal parts in Portugal


Translation services through interpreters


Provide management of workers accommodation

"I loved working with Growmart, they were always very friendly and took care of all the necessary documents, they picked me up at the airport and you can have a personalized translation when I arrived at my company, where I was going to start the contract".
Shiela Doe

Life at Growmart

Growmart is now prepared to provide services throughout the national territory and we aim to be a reference company in the sector, recognized for the added value of our services to customers.

More than just providing services, we aim for total satisfaction from our customers.

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Time Schedule

Monday – Friday : 10:00 – 17:00

Saturday : 10:00 – 13:00

Sunday : Close